Piping Rates

Note: The following rates and services are listed here to help you plan to include a piper at you next event. This is not a complete list.

These rates are only guidelines and are negotiable when booking your event. To book pipers at your event see the contact page or submit an piping request form.

Basic Rates

Based on a 2 hour base price

One Piper $300
Two Pipers or 1 Piper and 1 Drummer $450
Three Pipers (additional @ $100 per musician) $600
Two Pipers and A Drummer $600
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See Bagpipes at a Wedding Article.

Piper at Wedding Ceremony details... $300
Wedding Rehearsal (per piper/drummer) $150
Wedding Reception only details... $300
Ceremony & Reception at same location (Head Table Only) details... $350
Ceremony & Reception at same location (entire) details... $400
Ceremony & Reception in different locations details... $500
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See Bagpipes at a Funeral Article or Remembrance Services

Chapel/Church service only details... $250
Internment service only details... $250
Chapel/Church and Internment details... $300
Military Funeral $200
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Head Tables, Event Openings & Dinners

Piping in head table/guests only details... $250
Piping in and out (under 2 hours) details... $300
Additional Hours over the standard 2 hours $50 /hr
Entire Dinner (whole evening) details... contact
Military Mess Dinner details... contact
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Haggis & Robert Burns Dinners

Pipers (as above) see above
Haggis Carriers (usually 2) $100 each
Addresser (Burns address to a Haggis) $150
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