Piping Rates

Note: The following rates and services are listed here to help you plan to include a piper at you next event. This is not a complete list.

These rates are only guidelines and are negotiable when booking your event. To book pipers at your event see the contact page.

Basic Rates

Based on a 2 hour base price

One Piper $300
Two Pipers or 1 Piper and 1 Drummer $450
Three Pipers (additional @ $100 per musician) $600
Two Pipers and A Drummer $600
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See Bagpipes at a Wedding Article.

Piper at Wedding Ceremony details... $300
Wedding Rehearsal (per piper/drummer) $150
Wedding Reception only details... $300
Ceremony & Reception at same location (Head Table Only) details... $350
Ceremony & Reception at same location (entire) details... $400
Ceremony & Reception in different locations details... $500
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See Bagpipes at a Funeral Article or Remembrance Services

Chapel/Church service only details... $250
Internment service only details... $250
Chapel/Church and Internment details... $300
Military Funeral $200
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Head Tables, Event Openings & Dinners

Piping in head table/guests only details... $250
Piping in and out (under 2 hours) details... $300
Additional Hours over the standard 2 hours $50 /hr
Entire Dinner (whole evening) details... contact
Military Mess Dinner details... contact
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Haggis & Robert Burns Dinners

Pipers (as above) see above
Haggis Carriers (usually 2) $100 each
Addresser (Burns address to a Haggis) $150
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