Bagpipe Setup Fees

External Work

Clean & Polish $100.00

This process involves each piece being thouroughly cleaned and wood polished to look new again.

Silver Mounts Cleaned $50.00

Silverwork is highly polished.

Internal Work

Clean & Polish Bore & Reed Seats $45.00

Each bore is cleaned and polished and reed seats will be cleaned and polished.

Fitting & Hemping

Set Up to play $75.00

Fit Pipe Bag, Bag Cover & Cords. Install & Set-up Chanter & Drone Reeds. Also includes fitting and set-up of any moisture control system, drone valves, blowpipe valve or other special requirements by customer.

Hemping $150.00

Full hemping of all bagpipe joints with quality pre-waxed hemp. (hemp included in price)

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