Bagpipe Lessons

I offer both private one-on-one lessons and group lessons. All that you will require is a practice chanter and determination to start. I will supply you with sheet music. A tutor book is not required. I will recommend several books as the lessons progress to aid you in home practice. For more information about learning to play the bagpipes see my article on the subject.

Private Lessons

I am available for private one-on-one lessons:

  • Online; Lessons over Zoom or some other online method can be arranged. This is the preferred method at this time.
  • Brampton area; afternoons and evenings and by arrangment, contact me regarding a time
  • Downtown Toronto area; Monday afternoons and evenings at Moss Park Armoury (on the corner of Queen and Jarvis Streets) not being offered currently due to COVID19 restrictions.

My fees for private one-on-one lessons in person or remotely are:

  • $60 per hour
  • $35 for half hour.

For beginners a one hour lesson once a week is usually more than adequate.

Group Lessons

Not being offered currently due to COVID19 restrictions.

Group lessons are offered Friday evenings for individuals that would like to start or who already have experience and wish to one day play in a band. There is no charge for these group lessons; they are sponsored by the 48th Highlanders of Canada for individuals with an interest in joining the Pipes and Drums. Contact me for more information.