Pipers of the Ceremonial Guard

na piobairean rioghail

Ten pipers are attached to the Band of the Ceremonial Guard. Some come from Canadian Militia Regiments while others are new recruits who have taken the basic military training prior to the summer guard season. The pipers accompany the band on Parliament Hill and play during band breaks on the march. The pipes also play combined with the Band during inspections on Parliament Hill daily and at many concerts, mess dinners, and honour guards tasked to the CG Band. The Piper's primary responsibility is to accompany the sentries every hour-on-the-hour when they are changed at Rideau Hall. Afternoons, for those not on duty at Rideau Hall, are set aside for rehearsals after the morning parades.
1997 Corps at the Drill Hall

Pipe Major Sgt Fraser ClarkThe pipe section is led by the senior piper appointed as Pipe Major for the summer. The pipes Corps was led by Pipe Major Sgt John MacDonald then of The Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa (now PM of CFB Trenton) from 1991-1995, and then Sgt Fraser Clark of the 48th Highlanders of Canada from 1996-1998. Fraser is pictured in the pipe majors uniform on the right.

Many excellent pipers are part of this unit each summer allowing other pipers to learn on the job from experienced pipers.

Prior to 1996 the Pipers wore the uniform of their parent unit. In 1996 the Ceremonial Guard purchased uniforms for the pipers. The Tartan Chosen was the Government Tartan or the Black Watch Tartan, Blue double breasted doublets and white and red diced hose. Each piper wears the cape badge of either the Canadian Grenadier Guards, or the Governor Generals Foot Guards. A pipers style glengary and cock feather are worn in full dress.

The motto adopted by the pipe corps in 1994 is:


Awaiting inspection - Carlton University Parade Square 1997
Before a Parade Carlton University Tune-up Area 1997
The 1994 Corps

The Ceremonial Guard

The Ceremonial Guard is a militia unit comprised of the Governor Generals Foot Guards from Ottawa and the Canadian Grenadier Guards from Montreal.Every summer these regiments mount the guard at Rideau Hall residence of the Governor General of Canada. About 200 guards and 100 Musicians take part between May and September. The Changing of the Guard Ceremony takes place every morning at 10:00 am starting with the guard parading from Cartier Drill Square to Parliament Hill and finally back to National Defence Headquarters after the half hour ceremony . As well, four centuries are posted every hour on the hour at Rideau Hall between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm. This takes place between the end of June to the end of August.


The Band of the Ceremonial Guard

An 85 piece brass reed band composed mainly of University music students who have been auditioned during the winter and then trained in may and June . Training includes basic military training as well as drill and duties for the changing of the guard ceremony. The performs for many special occasions and visiting heads of state and other distinguished people in the Ottawa area.

Morning rehearsal 1997
Waiting for the Colours 1995