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Here Comes the Mighty 48th - Twenty-Five Great Parade Favorites - Out of Stock

Here Comes the Mighty 48th - 25 Great Parade Favourites

Out of Stock
Compact Disk $20 Cdn
Shipping $4 Cdn

Produced and Recorded April, 1989

This Columbia recording was very popular in 1960. It sold enough for a GOLD record. We have a limited number of this popular recording re-released in 2002 by Sony Records.

  1. The Long Revelle
  2. Auchmountain's Bonnie Glen
    Fiddler's Joy
    The Blackberry Bush
    Kenmure's on an 'Awa
  3. The Badge of Scotland
    Lord Lavat's Lament
    Mairi Bhan
    The Brown Haired Maid
  4. When the Battle's Over
    The Gypsy Warning
    The Heights of Dargai
  1. The Little Spree
  2. McDonald of the Isles
    Kirkwall Bay
  3. Toronto Exhibition Park
    Hamilton Bay
  4. The Heroes of Vittoria
    The Dutchess of Edinburgh
    Lady MacKenzie
    Lord MacDonald