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Fields of Honour - Temporily Out of Stock

The Royal Regiment of Canada Band and the
48th Highlanders Pipes and Drums

Fields of Honour

Temporarily Out of Stock
Compact Disk $20 Cdn
Shipping $4 Cdn

Produced and recorded in 1998.

This album combines our Pipes and Drums and the Brass and Reed Band of the Royal Regiment of Canada as well as Danielle Bourre's vocals. These two regiments are two of the oldest Infantry regiments in the Canadian Forces. Both are garrisoned in Toronto and have developed a bond of friendship that has lasted many years. The combination of brass and reed band playing with pipes and drums is a unique sound, one that these two bands have developed into an art. About 60% is combined music with 20% of each band doing their own performances. Our two bands perform together at many concerts and shows throughout the world. We have selected music that both bands and our audiences have found entertaining and original.

Selections include:

  1. 79th Farewell to Gibraltar
    Earl of Mansfield
    Barran rock of Aden
    Caller Herrin
  2. Bugle Horn
    Athol Highlanders
    Bonnie Dundee
    Hundred Pipers
  3. Balmoral
  4. Bond of Friendship
  5. Heather Mixture:
    Morag of Dunvegan
    Lady Madelina Sinclair
    The Piper of Drummond
    High Road to Linton
    Deil Amang the Tailors
    Reel O' Tullloch
  6. An Eriskay Love Lilt
  7. Branch Salute
    McKenzie of Torridon
  8. Hector the Hero
  9. Fehrbelliner Reitersmarsch
  10. Findlay MacRae
    Galacian Jigs
  11. MacPherson's Lament
  1. Medley: (P/M Dewar, solo piper)
    Dream Angus
    Crossing the Minch
    Hen's March
    Hen's March
    Braes of Melnish
  2. Song for Mary
  3. Fields of Honour
  4. Mory Firth
  5. Drum Salute
    Tasha's Waltz
    Jimmy Blue
    Old Wife of the Mill Dust
  6. Rowan Tree
    Hills of Alva
  7. Portsmouth
  8. God Bless America
  9. Last Post
    Auld Lang Syne
  10. The Maple Leaf Forever
    Alberta Bound
  11. Scotland the Brave
    The Black Bear