Updated: 13 February, 2015


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The Pipes and Drums have a busy schedule of performances and training. In addition to militia training and regular band practices the band performs throughout the Greater Toronto Area on a regular basis. The band also travels the world to perform at various shows and celebrations.

The following is a list of some of the engagements the 48th Highlanders Pipes and Drums completed in 2003:

  • News Years Day Levee, Moss Park Armouries, 1 January
  • Colony Hotel Burns Dinner, 18 January
  • Old Mill Robert Burns Dinner, 25 January
  • Davidson Challenge, Fort York Armoury, 13 February
  • Concert Meadowvale Theater, 9 February 1400 hrs
  • Cadillac Draw, 14 March, Moss Park Armouries
  • Convention Metro Convention Centre South, 23 March
  • Regimental Ball, 19 April (Cancelled)
  • Toronto Auto Auction, 29 April
  • Regimental Church Parade, 4 May
  • Opening Ceremonies, Shannonville Raceway, 4 June
  • Salvation Army Tattoo Oshawa Arena, 31 May (Cancelled)
  • Brampton Sesquicentennial Parade 5pm, 14 June
  • International Marine Tattoo, Rochester NY, 21-22 June (Cancelled)
  • Queen's Park Canada Day Celebrations, 1st July
  • Ontario Place, Toronto, Canada Day - 1st July
  • Fergus Tattoo, Friday 8 August
  • Warriors' Day Parade, Exhibition Place, 16 August
  • Warriors' Day Tattoo, Colesium, Exhibition Place 16 August
  • International Military Music Festival, Quebec City, 20-24 August
  • Tradoc Tattoo, Fort Munro, Norfolk Virginia, 20-21 September (Cancelled due to hurricane)
  • CMA Graduation, Harbour Castle, 4 October
  • Opening Hockey Game - Toronto Maple Leafs, 11 October
  • RCMI Concert, Roy Thomson Hall, Toronto, 26 October (tickets: 416-872-4255)
  • Regimental Remembrance Day Parade, 9 November
  • St. Andrews Ball Royal York Hotel, Toronto, 15 November
  • Regimental Christmas Dinner, December