Updated: 22 September, 2017


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The role of Pipe Bands in the Canadian Forces is to provide musical support to the Canadian Forces. Pipe band performances promote the military ethos, foster high morale, esprit de Corp, and thus operational effectiveness. Pipe Bands are also a very effective element of our community outreach program, designed to enhance relations with the civilian community, make Canadians aware of the Armed Forces by projecting a positive image and to contribute to the preservation of Canadian musical heritage.


The Mission of Pipe Bands in the Canadian Forces is to:

  • Proudly represent the Canadian Forces in all of the engagements performed.

  • Satisfy authorized requests from Canadian Forces clients for music services.

  • Satisfy authorized music requests from federal, provincial and municipal governments and any other authorized clients.

  • Provide a venue where the art of piping and drumming can be taught practiced and demonstrated to the military and civilian community.

  • Contribute to the preservation of the Canadian military musical heritage.


CF Pipe bands will as a primary function, and in support of their sponsoring unit, musically support events within their local geographical area. 


CF Pipe Bands may, for representational and motivational purposes and only when approved by higher authority, participate in National or international events. 


Provide musical and military instruction to military and civilian volunteers consistent with the level of a professional military organization.